Reaching stakeholders through social media

Here are the slides from the presentation I gave today to the Capital Region Chapter of PRSA:

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Here are some links to content I referenced:

If you’d like to attend Social Media Breakfast on Oct. 30, register here (still a few seats left).

Let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed that you’d like a link to.

11 thoughts on “Reaching stakeholders through social media

  1. Thanks for the mention of Mayo Clinic, Amy. I hope I get to hear one of your presentations someday. Your slides give some really solid advice.

    • Thanks, Lee! I love sharing Mayo’s examples because it helps people realize that 1) there’s already content out there about their org, they just need to find and share it, and 2) you guys have done so much with social media without breaking budgets or need a lot of fancy IT integration.

  2. A great example of great content integrated with graphics. This will be used in my class this semester.

  3. It’s great you include photo credits — especially those from Flickr. I presume they’re CC-licensed?

    It’s more amazing people don’t include credits.

    • Thanks, Ari. Yes, I only search CC-licensed photos to use. The only credit missing is the one of the chubby kid reading the story book. That’s my nephew. :-)

  4. Great job, Amy. Telling a story is hard to get my clients to do because they just “want coverage.” I love the marathon because clients are often SO intent on getting it done fast, that they fail to see the long haul or even ask themselves “What are we doing here?”

    • Glad that you enjoyed the presentation! It’s definitely a bit of a mindset change for clients to get them to understand that social media isn’t a “just add water” solution.

      Thanks for visiting the blog!

  5. Great presentation Amy, I wish I could have heard it in person. I really appreciate your no-nonsense approach. Keep up the good work!

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